About Us



We are a coalition of concerned citizens from across Olympia Fields - including homeowners, small business owners and employees, parents and students. We are unified by a common concern for the future of Olympia Fields - its diversity, its property values, its safety, the public services it provides, and its quality of life.

Mission Statement:

Our Mission is to restore the integrity, safety and prestige of Olympia Fields, Illinois. Our members watch out for each other and report suspicious and inappropriate activity to the Police, Village Hall, and to each other. 

Citizens and a nonpartisan government working together in the best interests of the residents is imperative to the success of our community.    

Suggestions to all SHARPWATCH members:

1. Learn neighbors' name and be able to recognize them and their vehicles.

2. Keep a personal block map, block profile sheet and telephone number "tree" in an accessible place and continue to update them.

3. Keep an eye on neighbors homes and report all suspicious activities to the Olympia Fields Police Department by calling 911, and to the SharpWatch committee.

4. Write a description of any suspicious looking person or vehicle and report them to the police.

5. Be a good witness. Do not take any risks if you observe a crime.

6. Notify neighbors that you trust, when you're going to be away from home for an extended period of time.

What is the real advantage of a Watch group?  

With neighbors watching your neighborhood for suspicious situations and potential criminals, our neighborhood will become a safer and better place to live. Violations go down. Crime goes down. Neighbors get to know and trust each other. Confidence and pride increase. Our neighborhood is a better place to live.


Eugene Broyls President

Nancy Dietz Vice-President