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Our Mission is to restore the integrity, safety and prestige of Olympia Fields, Illinois. Our members watch out for each other and report suspicious and inappropriate activity to the Police, Village Hall, and to each other. Citizens and a nonpartisan government working together are imperative to the success of our community.   




SD227 Board directs security to physically block ABC Channel 7 and WGN Channel 9 from entering “Public Meeting” at Rich Central







SD227 Public Meeting

September 17, 2019

Rich Central HS



A group of about 20 community members from Park Forest appeal to the Rich Township High School District 227 Board of Education to not close Rich East High School during a public meeting on Sept. 17, 2019, in a library at Rich Central High School in Olympia Fields.

Comments from residents at

Sept. 17, 2019 Public Meeting



The Boards' attorney explains the legal position for taking actions against President Alexander

 SD227 Board votes to remove Randy Alexander as Board President 8/20/2019

By a majority vote the 227 School Board removed Randy Alexander as president for what they described as unsatisfactory leadership, questionable conduct, and failing to abide by the rules.


This action began at 3:38:00 and ended at 3:57:00 of the video

8-20-2019 Board Meeting Video


Daily Southtown September 2, 2019


Municipal tax rate showing stable trend since departure of Mekarski and Meyers-Martin


Residents don’t want shoe to drop on Rich East

Daily Southtown July 8, 2019

“Social media comments and community meetings have been crammed with complaints about the way District 227 officials are handling the process.”


Audit appraises Lincoln Way North at $15.86 million, far below the $60 million offer presented by Desiree Watkins

Lincoln-Way Community High School District 210 in its most recent audit disclosed the appraised value of its closed Lincoln-Way North high school at $15.86 million, far below the original cost of $114 million, at its Thursday, Oct. 18 meeting. The land that the building sits on was appraised at $4.14 million.

The Tinley Junction October 29, 2018


Trustee Presentation June 12, 2019


Alicia Evans 1st presentation of 6 Options to the public at June 18, 2019 SD227 Board Meeting


Watch Rich Township SD227 Board meetings online

Board Meeting Videos



Residents protest 1975 Vollmer Rd & viaduct widening

“Those who fail to learn from history

are condemned to repeat it”

This was a dumb idea in 1975, and an even dumber idea 40 years later. David Mekarski and Debra Meyers-Martin wasted $1 million in state taxpayer money studying the reconstruction of something we don’t even own.

Homewood Flossmoor Star November 2, 1975


Text Box: obstructionist [uh b-struhk-shuh-nist]


   1   a person who deliberately delays or prevents progress.

   2   a person who delays or obstructs the business before a   
        legislative body by parliamentary contrivances or 
        legalistic maneuvers.

Vote Obstructionists Out

Enough is enough. Any Village Board Member that does not represent the best interest of the residents must be removed by the residents. Read for yourself exactly how 3 Village Board Trustees, following their own political agenda, obstructed the proposed Culvers Restaurant in the old Jewel Plaza.




Village pays Walmart $933,227.85

reimbursement installment

90% of taxes Walmart pays into TIF is paid back

This element of the Walmart contract, spearheaded by our infamous former village administrator, is something Mekarski and his cronies never wanted the residents to know about. This is certainly not what former mayor Debra Meyers-Martin bragged about to the residents on March 26, 2017

 Debra Meyers-Martin on Walmart deal



Vote for a 100% nonpartisan Village Board 

Democratic affiliations must be removed and never given a chance to run Olympia Fields further into the ground

Olympia Fields spending/debt problem is entirely due to a decade of wasteful undisciplined leadership supported by the Cook County Democratic Party.

All the Democratic affiliates that have ever sat on our Village Board have been loyal soldiers representing their own political agenda.

Their agenda is not and never was to be loyal Public Servants fighting for the residents needs first.

We must continue to get out and vote for candidates that have our backs and weed out the political yes men.

While these affiliations have been personally beneficial to the careers of Board members, village employees, and Robinson Engineering, it has been nothing but a detriment to all the hard working residents of Olympia Fields. Many of whom have cut their loses and fled. 




Village of Olympia Fields Salaries


100 biggest spenders: What Illinois Park Districts rank highest?

Source: South Cook News | Apr 9, 2018

Park districts for Olympia Fields, Homewood-Flossmoor and Oak Lawn are among those in Illinois with the highest spending per capita in 2017, Illinois State Comptroller financial reports show.

State law requires local governments to self-report financial records each year, including revenue, spending and debt. Spending per capita is calculated to compare budget habits across park districts.

How does your district rank?

100 Top Spending Illinois Park Districts


Analysis: Olympia Fields pays property taxes nearly four times national average

Source: South Cook News / November 1, 2018

Property owners in Olympia Fields paid nearly 4.5 percent of the value of their homes in taxes last year. That’s nearly four times the national average, according to an LGIS analysis of real estate sales data in the South Suburbs from Jan 1. to June 30.

Olympia Fields, population 4,884, recorded a median sale price of $179,750, based on data from the 40 properties sold during the first half of 2018. In 2017, homeowners paid a median property tax bill of $8,061, according to county tax data from the Cook County Assessor’s Office.

That’s 4.48 percent of the community’s median home value. In the U.S., the average effective property tax rate is 1.19 percent.

Put another way: a $179,750 home in Indiana, where the effective rate is 0.89 percent, would have a property tax bill of about $1,600, or more than $6,400 less per year.

For Public Servants that represent the Residents Needs First

- School Board

- Village Board

- Park District


Survey asked 86 burglars how they broke into homes

86 inmates currently serving time for burglary were asked to respond anonymously to 17 questions detailing how they broke in, when the crime occurred and what they were looking for.

Burglars Survey



Olympia Fields pension debt

Another Mekarski Failure

Source: 2017 Olympia Fields Property Owners Tax  Bill


% of Pension and Healthcare

Costs village can pay:               41.28%


Money Owed:                         $15,267,578

Pension and Healthcare

Amounts Promised:                $33,930,702

Amount of Pension and

Healthcare Shortage:              $19,924,592


Who Spearheaded the Disastrous Lincoln Mall Redevelopment?

Who is credited with spearheading the failed massive redevelopment project that left the mall in shambles, put Matteson millions in debt, and forced its demolition?




Historic Oak Lawn corruption now tied to Olympia Fields

Does Sandra Bury Have A Modern Day “Money Laundering” Operation In Oak Lawn?

Oak Lawn Leaf  April 2, 2017


Two politicians from the south suburbs of Olympia Fields and Country Club Hills have also been tied to Bury through campaign donations.  One is Country Club Hills Mayor James Ford and the other is Olympia Fields Trustee Howard Robinson.  Both have connections to Chicago backed politicians”



“ two south suburban politicians used their political funds to donate $2,500 each after receiving the same amount from State Senator Michael Hastings, who likewise received donations from Village Attorney Paul O’Grady. None of those transactions are illegal but the movement of the contributions provided secrecy and deniability for all the parties”



“The only connection between Ford, Robinson, Hastings, and Sandra Bury, is Oak Lawn’s Village Attorney Paul O’Grady. The effect of laundering the money in this way is that O’Grady can deny that his $5,000 donation was  connected to the $5,000 that ended up in Bury’s political campaign coffers. A phone call to Howard Robinson on Friday was not returned”



Michael Hastings contribution ( 3-22-2017 )


Michael Hastings contribution ( 3-24-2017 )


NO Retail Redlining

across the street

David Mekarski has desperately used “Retail Redlining” as his excuse for failing to bring economic development to Olympia Fields. So why is retail redlining non-existent across the street in Flossmoor ?

Meijer outlots developed for restaurant and retail use


Flossmoor board oks Vollmer Starbucks-AT&T building


Flossmoor board oks Buona Beef Restaurant near Meijer


Lou Malnati’s to open location in Flossmoor Commons



What happened to the

Walmart revenue?

$700,000 sales tax surplus gone ?

12-8-2014 Board Meeting Minutes page 11 line 37

“The benefit to the Village is the Sales Tax Revenue. We did some estimates based upon other Wal-Mart Stores within the region. He would estimate somewhere in the vicinity of $700,000.00 a year in revenue for the Village depending on their sales. It could be more than that or a little bit less. That is a pretty healthy revenue gain for the Village. We are very excited about that.”

3-23-2015 Board Meeting Minutes page 5 line 20

“That is huge. That is just huge… the fact that a Village of this size could get a major retailer of that magnitude to come here is significant… “I salute you on a job well-done.” He believes that they all deserve a round of applause. (There was a round of applause)…. Success breeds success. He stated that what you all have done right now has laid a foundation financially for this Village for the next generation to come. He can’t thank you enough for the hard work and the time you put into this. He stated, “Thank you. Thank you.Thank you.” (There was a round of applause).

Village President Meyers-Martin and Administrator Mekarski stated thank you.”


Exactly what went wrong with the Walmart deal ?

Never forget that Mekarski was one of the architects of the disastrous Lincoln Mall Contract, and then paid $170,000 severance to leave Vero Beach after less than 1 year of service. The Florida Ethics Committee ruled that he had "used poor judgment”.


After reviewing the above data it is very apparent that only a person who was mentally challenged or just woke up from a 30 year coma would believe Mekarski negotiated the better side of the Walmart contract.

Obviously he didn't, or they wouldn’t be broke now !


Flossmoor sales tax figures triple following Meijer opening

Flossmoor gaining $790,000 annually in new sales tax and property tax revenue


Flossmoor’s monthly sales tax revenue jumped threefold following the opening of the Meijer superstore in June.

The State of Illinois Friday posted sales tax numbers for July, the first full month Meijer’s Flossmoor store was open. They show the village receiving $67,384 in sales tax revenues for that month.

Flossmoor Finance Director Scott Bordui said that amount is $45,000 more than average monthly distribution in the previous year. read more


  Text Box: 2000	  .427
2001	  .473
2002	  .435
2003	  .450
2004	  .437
2005	  .346
2006	  .464
2007	1.075
2008	1.067
2009	1.067
2010	1.116
2011	1.436
2012	1.624
2013	1.839


Never forget

Our 1990 property tax bill had a Municipal Tax Rate of “ZERO”




Quality of Life for staff prospers Chicago Style Politics thrive in Olympia Fields

For the last decade, the David Mekarski Administration has refused to reduce spending while sucking more money from homeowners year after year, with increased taxes and fees.

Clearly, the priority of David Mekarski is the Quality of life for the village administration and staff, especially himself.




Text Box: Mr. **** inquired whether or not there has been a time in the past seven-years when the Village employees haven’t gotten a cost of living increase. 
Village President Meyers-Martin stated “yes, we have frozen it. There was a zero degree raise”
 August 25, 2014
Page 34

Board Meeting Minutes August, 25, 2014

As our Municipal Tax Rate soars,

so does Mekarski’s salary 





Olympia Fields

Mekarski David A



Olympia Fields

Mekarski David A



Olympia Fields

Mekarski David A



Olympia Fields

Mekarski David A



Olympia Fields

Mekarski David A



Olympia Fields

Mekarski David A



Olympia Fields

Mekarski David A



Olympia Fields

Mekarski David A



Olympia Fields

Mekarski David A



Olympia Fields

Mekarski David A



Olympia Fields

Mekarski David A


                    source: www.openthebooks.com


What do much larger Suburbs pay their Village Managers




Text Box: Village Cries Broke in one breath then proceeds to irresponsibly spend more taxpayer money moments later
At the  8-25-2014 Board Meeting, in the midst of  Crying Broke and attempting to push a $50 per vehicle tax past angry taxpayers, that they explained was necessary to “fill a hole in the budget...because they are broke”, the Board unanimously voted to:

-  Give the Building Commissioner a new six-figure raise

-  Offer  another six-figure salary to a new Public Works Director

-  Approve the Final Draft of the Town Center Plan for the formal consideration




Video cameras are now cheaper, smaller, and higher quality



Our Village leaders philosophy that we are better off not knowing about residential burglaries in our village is senseless and irresponsible. Valuable information has not been shared. That’s why many vigilant residents are fighting back by installing video surveillance in addition to their alarms. Cameras are not only a deterrent, they can provide evidence to help convict the criminal element that dares to try. The following are examples of  current systems on the market.


Sam’s Club Systems                   Best Buy Systems


Microcenter Systems                   Swann Demonstration Video


Text Box: “There weren’t any burglaries in Olympia Fields last year…name one? ”
“There is no crime in Olympia Fields” 
Carl Frey  
2-27-2013 Town Hall Meeting, Arcadia School 



2012 Olympia Fields Residential Burglaries


Olympia Fields now has one of the highest Municipal Tax Rates in Chicagoland


Click on the “CHICAGOLAND TAXES” tab in the upper left to see how Olympia Fields Taxes compare to every other village in the Chicagoland region.





Highest median property tax  South Suburbs-Cook County



· 1. Olympia Fields East/Graymoor : $10,467.24 Olympia Fields

· 2. West Country Club Hills/Marycrest : $10,276.50 Country Club Hills

· 3. East Flossmoor : $10,068.14  Flossmoor

· 4. Central Matteson/Lincoln Mall : $9,311.75  Matteson

· 5. South Central Flossmoor : $9,012.52  Flossmoor

· 6. South Naperville : $8,990.14   Naperville

· 7. Olympia Fields C.C. : $8,378.96  Olympia Fields

· 8. South of Lincoln Hwy : $7,946.50  Frankfort

· 9. West Lynwood : $7,716.70  Lynwood

· 10. North Central Flossmoor/Downtown : $7,224.26


Parking Ordinance

for non-hard surfaces

All 4 wheels must be on hard surface

Sec. 14-39.( I )   Parking on non-hard surfaces. It shall be unlawful to park any motor vehicle on any public or private property within the village unless such vehicle is parked on a hard surfaced driveway...

Chief Krull has requested all residents

to remember to call the police

non-emergency number if a violation is observed.




Garbage Can Ordinance

Sec. 11-41. (B)    ...refuse containers and garbage containers shall be stored in area on the owner’s property which is not visible from the street.






Government wants another Bogus Referendum for Sewer Repairs that were supposed to be paid for by the 2007 Referendum

Olympia Fields may ask voters to OK sewer upgrade

Southtown Star By Sarah Zylstra Correspondent May 11, 2011

Olympia Fields voters may be asked to decide if the village should borrow an estimated $2.7 million to finish upgrading the municipality’s sewer system.

The village board this week discussed placing the matter on the ballot next year.

“We’re doing a comprehensive sanitary rehabilitation sewer project village-wide,” village administrator David Mekarski said. “It’s just an expensive endeavor.”

So far, 50 percent of the sewer system has been overhauled in order to prevent rainwater from leeching in and overtaxing the system, which could lead to sanitary sewer backup, he said.

The village has spent close to $5 million financed by bonds and federal stimulus grants to tighten up manholes, slipline the sewer mains and enforce plumbing codes that prohibit illegal connections to the sewers, such as sump pumps and gutter drains.

“We still have a lot to do even though we’ve eliminated all the rainfall that’s getting into the mains and the manholes,” Mekarski said. “What appears to be still leeching a lot of rainwater into the system are laterals — pipes that essentially connect the house to the mainline.”

The village board Monday approved borrowing $500,000 internally for now to rod, smoke and televise the lateral sewers in the Graymoor subdivision, a section of 150 homes where rainwater during storms can exceed the pump capacity.

“Graymoor is a serious situation because otherwise we could have sanitary sewer backups,” Mekarski said. “We’re trying to prevent that.”

Investigations into Graymoor will allow for a more precise dollar number on the bond next year, he said. The final number could range from $1.5 million to $4 million.

“We’ll formalize an entire budget then go out on essentially a backdoor referendum question to finance this last component,” Mekarski said.

Olympia Fields is one of the few villages in the state that is working to update its system to comply with federal and state standards, he said, something many villages are setting aside in the face of more pressing financial difficulties.

But Olympia Fields is financially strong, and ended last year with a surplus of funds, Mekarski said.


Now ask yourself, why would any “sane citizen” vote YES to such a plan that was supposed to have been paid off by the last referendum ? The same referendum that tripled our Municipal Tax Rate !!!

Millions of dollars were wasted on the "building out" of the new Village Hall. To add further insult to injury the government's representatives autocratically voted to spend over $62,000 on a sculpture  to honor the former mayor that tripled

our municipal tax rate.                                                   

                    Never forget the following:








“The problem is ridiculously exaggerated. Most of the problem comes from unconscious racism…The truth is, there are only 5 or 6 run down homes in the whole village” THE INFAMOUS TEN   9-10-2006 STAR    David Mekarski, Matthew Sosnowski,, Geraldine Tyler, Ilene Waite, Larry Green, Pat Collier, Kay Mangan, Susan Gatlin-Moroney, Craig Martin, Bob Waite   





$62,394 “Gift for Jones” ?

Just when you thought the village couldn’t waste any more tax payer money...Now comes a sculpture that has cumulatively ended up costing us more than $60,000. The bill for this “GIFT FOR PRESIDENT JONES” should be footed by the people that have benefited the most from Jones, the village administration and all village employees. Their enhanced salaries could be garnished equally until the total cost of the Tribute is paid off. However, the true accountability for this irresponsible waste of taxpayer money goes to the 6 Trustees that unanimously approved it.







Controversial Jones Sculpture

not so “original” or “hand made”

Turns out this “original piece of art” is actually contracted to a body shop and fabrication shop for manufacturing.



Olympia Fields Median

Household Incomes spiraling

to new lows

According to the United States Census Bureau,  As of 2008-2012, Olympia Fields median household income is $79,762, which has shrunk by -15.89% since 2000. The median household income growth rate is much lower than the state average rate of +22.03% and is much lower than the national average rate of +26.32%.















Follow The Money

of campaign committees

in Olympia Fields supposedly

nonpartisan politics

Illinois Sunshine / Olympia Fields


Do our public servants serve us or their political party agenda ?

How They Voted / Olympia Fields Village Board


Owners of Matteson counseling center indicted on Medicaid fraud charges

Prosecutors says Summer Matheson, Terrence Ewing and Richard Grundy got about $4 million by billing for more counseling services than the Laynie Foundation actually provided.

Chicago Sun Times August 29, 2019


Illinois Sunshine / Laynie Foundation


Support our local Walgreens

Help keep our neighborhood drugstore off the corporate

shut down list.








Has Lincoln Way SD210 found suckers to unload north campus onto

Despite the massive drop in enrollment and our skyrocketing school district property taxes, SD227 board president Randy Alexander along with Democratic lackey Desiree Watkins are allegedly trying to push for the purchase of the vacant Lincoln Way North Campus in Frankfort. This move would:

-Place SD227 deep into debt for years to come

-Guarantee higher property taxes

-Require the bussing of every high school student in SD227

-Leave us with the burden of maintaining 3 vacant schools or spending millions of taxpayers money to demolish.


The deal would bail out Lincoln Way SD210 by paying off the outstanding bonds for the construction of the North Campus, which is well over $100 million. It would also relieve the burden of maintaining the vacant building, which costs the district $300,000 annually.

Assistant Superintendent of Business Brad Cauffman determined that the cost of the district's outstanding bonds for the construction of North is at least $100 million.

Any potential sale would have to cover the cost of the bonds,Superintendent Scott Tingley said.

Daily Southtown January 21, 2018


Rich Township school board president owes more than $200K in unpaid taxes

Daily Southtown April 18, 2019

The president of the Rich Township High School District 227 Board of Education owes tens of thousands of dollars in unpaid property taxes, according to Cook County tax records.

Voters apparently reelected Randy Alexander to the school board this month.


SD 227 Enrollment decline prompts staffing review

According to the Illinois State Board of Education, enrollment in District 227 stands at 3,057 this year, down from 4,167 reported in 2009.

The district's three high schools are Rich Central in Olympia Fields, Rich East in Park Forest and Rich South in Richton Park.

Might the district consider reducing its number of employees or closing one of its three schools in response to the downward enrollment trend?



Illinois Report Card 2017-2018

Rich Central High School

Illinois Report Card Rich Central




2020 BMW Championship to

be played at Olympia Fields

The Olympia Fields Country Club (OFCC) North Course is set to be the site of the 2020 BMW Championships, formerly known as the Western Open (which went to Olympia Fields five times). The tournament has been played in Illinois every other year since 2012, with next year's event coming to Medinah after a visit to Aronimink in Pennsylvania this summer. While play dates are still being finalized, the event is scheduled to take place sometime in August with more details soon to come. 2020 will mark the 100th anniversary of the first Western Open played at Olympia Fields.



Bruce Crampton

279 (5-under)

Olympia Fields CC, Olympia Fields, Ill.


Jack Nicklaus

273 (11-under)

Olympia Fields CC, Olympia Fields, Ill.


Mac Smith

282 (2-under)

Olympia Fields CC, Olympia Fields, Ill.


Walter Hagen

281 (3-under)

Olympia Fields CC, Chicago, Ill.


Jock Hutchison

296 (12-over)

Olympia Fields CC, Chicago, Ill.


Revenue before Safety

Crash rate tripled at Route 30 & Orchard

after Red Light Cameras

Source: Chicago Tribune/Watchdog/Redlight cameras studies

“IDOT’s philosophy is illustrated by the corner of U.S. 30 and Orchard Drive in Olympia Fields. The westbound lanes’ crash rate tripled in the three years after cameras were installed, the biggest increase of any stretch of road the Tribune studied.”

“Yet the suburb reported to IDOT that crashes at the intersection as a whole had dropped by 40 percent. The Tribune reviewed the suburb’s report and found it had used older crash data and did not tally more recent crashes. The suburb defended its analysis but did not dispute the Tribune’s figures.”


RED-LIGHT REVENUES: Click here to see how much money each suburb makes off red-light cameras


Orland Park names village manager

New Orland Park Village Manager makes less than David Mekarski

Orland Park trustees on Tuesday approved the appointment of Joe La Margo as village manager, a job he had held on an interim basis since April.  The employment agreement approved by trustees expires in early September 2020 but could be renewed, and La Margo will receive a salary of $165,000 annually and a monthly vehicle allowance of $600.

Source: Southtown News September 6, 2017 orland park manager


Rob Piscia named Frankfort administrator

New Frankfort Village Administrator makes less than David Mekarski

Rob Piscia has been appointed as Frankfort's new village administrator after serving in an interim capacity since June. His contract, which runs with the mayor's term, expires in May, 2021, and includes a $154,000 salary, according to village spokeswoman Mary Canino.

Source: Southtown News September 21, 2017 frankfort appoints administrator


Where is David Mekarski’s

 Olympia Fields home ?


“David Mekarski, the village administrator who has lived in the village for three years”


“Mr. Mekarski the village administrator, believes his home combines the best aspects of Oak Park, for its diversity; Evanston, for its quality of life; and Lake Forest, for its character”


MORE LIES / THE STAR 9-10-2006


Stop the Mekarski Gravy Train

This is how your skyrocketing tax dollars are being spent in a tiny 2.9 square mile village with a population of only 5000.

Never forget, not long ago, the Chief of Police was the only full time administrative position. Most of these were part-time positions or didn’t even exist. Giving Mekarski another contract is not an option. Olympia Fields must cap and reduce spending immediately.


Mekarski David A

Village Administartor



Saenz Cynthia A

Director of Finance & Administration



Betty Zigras

Asst. Director of Finance



Landini James A

Director of Public Works



Mcdonnell John M

Building Commishiner



(excluding Police Dept.)

Enough is Enough Put an end to David Mekarski’s

decade long record of:

-Bigger Government  SALARIES SINCE  2000

-Bigger Taxes and fees  16 YEAR TAX COMPARISON

-Bigger Debt  BOND DEBT


Man robs Chase Bank at gunpoint

Why wasn’t Code Red Alert issued ?

A male robbed the Chase Bank on Vollmer Road in Olympia Fields at 11:04a,m. Thursday morning (5-4-2017).

The suspect wielded a weapon during the robbery, which was described as a "takeover bank robbery" by the FBI. He fled on foot in an unknown direction after the robbery, FBI officials said.

He was described as a black male, 5-feet, 8-inches tall with a thin build and wearing all black clothing with a black mask..

A reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest. Anyone with information should call the FBI at (312) 421-6700.



Debra Meyers-Martin Lies about reduced budgets and raising taxes

Source: DEBRA MEYERS-MARTIN 3-26-2017


This despite the fact the Municipal Tax Rate   has gone up every year and nearly doubled since she took office, along with the skyrocketing Village Salaries which have also gone up every year and are public record.


David Mekarski Lies about Referendum Newsletter at Town Hall Meeting

Source:David Mekarski & Debra MeyerS-Martin  12-6-2016 Town Hall Meeting


A stuttering David Mekarski told residents that the 2007 Referendum Newsletter stated that sewers were only a “minor part“ of the referendum, and that he “can certainly get a copy of it from file and prove the commitment by this board was to only take $200,000 out of the 2008 referendum for sewers”.

Debra Meyers-Martins then states that all the referendum money ($200,000) allocated for sewers was only “spent on smoke testing and televising the sewer system”

This completely contradicts what residents were promised in what was really printed in the 2007 REFERENDUM NEWSLETTER released by the village. A majority of residents overwhelmingly voted “yes” to the referendum believing the village when they proclaimed 50% of the new revenue was for sewers.

In a disgusting revelation, 10 years after the bogus sewer referendum, Cynthia Saenz revealed that the village is in debt $5,900,000 (in principle alone) for sewer projects.


2007 Referendum Newsletter 

Page 2

Village’s tax rate. This tax rate increase will generate

approximately $1.2 million dollars annualy in new revenues.

Approximately 50% will be directed to the General Fund to

prevent a reduction in services or necessary layoffs from our

Police department. The remaining 50% will finance a series of

sewer and drainage improvement projects that will directly

benefit many of our neighborhoods. For the average household

with a home that has a market value of $300,000, this increase


Page 4





Our sewer sanitary system is aging. Over 60% of our sewer

lines are 40 years old. These lines are cracking, allowing

groundwater to flood the system. This ground water

infiltration overwhelms the systems ability to handle sewer

water. During storm conditions, sewer water can actually

“backup” into our homes. The Illinois Environmental

Protection Agency has actually issued a Violation Notice for a

portion of the system along Country Club Drive. The

reconstruction of this line alone will exceed $400,000. An

engineering study indicates that the cost of repair of our

overall system will exceed $7 million. To manage this critical

project, the Board of Trustees intends to utilize sewer rates

combined with revenues from the proposed 68-cent increase

to finance a 5-year capital improvement project. The end

result will mean a major reduction in sewage backups,

extending the life of the system for another 30 plus years, and

compliance with State Environmental laws.


Olympia Fields Municipal Tax Rate

Text Box: 2000	  .427
2001	  .473
2002	  .435
2003	  .450
2004	  .437
2005	  .346
2006	  .464
2007	1.075
2008	1.067
2009	1.067
2010	1.116
2011	1.436
2012	1.624
2013	1.839

Village has not had a balanced budget without a municipal tax rate increase since 2009

2010 was the year Debra Meyer-Martin took office allowing Mekarski control of the village

Dishonest Village Board continues to insult the intelligence of residents and boast about balanced budgets with half truth BS. Clearly they assume most residents don’t read their tax bill. The Municipal tax rate has nearly doubled since 2009.


Never forget where it all started

We have NOT forgotten who the sociopath was that launched the destruction of Olympia Fields when he irresponsibly hired David Mekarski in 2005 and kept residents in the dark about Mekarski’s reprehensible stint in Vero Beach.

Mekarski paid $170,000 severance to leave Vero Beach



Case of Mismanagement

The following presentation will provide professional and specific analysis of the village budgets revealing unnecessary management deficiencies resulting in unprecedented risk and the immediate need for an executive closed session to discuss change of course and non-renewal of contract of chief personnel responsible for village administration.

Please print following pdf or copy the link and distribute to all your friends and neighbors.




Tinley Park to study staffing levels

Daily Southtown October 19-2016

Tinley Park will study staffing levels and productivity of several village departments and compare their work with counterparts in similar size communities.

The Village Board on Tuesday approved hiring Matrix Consulting Group, at a cost of $42,700, to evaluate departments including the clerk's office, village manager, human resources and finance.

The study is expected to take 10 weeks to complete, with the findings likely to be presented at a Village Board or committee meeting.

The California-based firm will look at areas such as productivity, use of technology, if there are overlapping or duplicated functions and whether some tasks now being performed can be eliminated, according to a village memo. The study wouldn't look at departments such as police or public works.


Jury awards $678,723 to former village employee for Retaliation, Wrongful Termination

“a subsequent, independent audit produced only questionable evidence funds were missing and no evidence Rambo was involved”

Another poor decision by crooked David Mekarski.

Enough is Enough, Mekarski is the one that should be terminated.




Never forget, the letter received from concerned citizen on December 18, 2011



Village throws former chief

under the bus

Olympia Fields Trustee publicly accused former police chief of knowing about & covering up alleged $40,000 theft. Could village now be faced with a defamation of character lawsuit?




Spending dips in Flossmoor’s

zero growth budget for new fiscal year

Mayor Braun said that the zero growth initiative shows that Flossmoor is concerned about keeping government spending at a level that respects local taxpayers.”Flossmoor is making a statement about the cost of responsible government.”

Village Manager Bridget Wachtel said, pointing out that Flossmoor operates with little debt so that financial risk is “relatively minimal.” Continued fiscal success is a result of sound financial planning combined with “an incremental yet responsive approach” to fluctuating economic impacts, she wrote.

Source: http://hfchronicle.com/spending-dips-flossmoor


Flossmoor will meet

zero growth budget target

“We want to do that for our residents”

Flossmoor is poised to meet its goal of a zero growth budget

for the 2017 fiscal year, Mayor Paul Braun said he and the other board members are pleased that village staff presented a preliminary budget so close to a zero growth spending plan.

However, he wants the village to meet its true zero growth target. For that to happen, additional cuts will be needed in some spending areas, Braun told the H-F Chronicle.

“We’ve directed the staff to make those cuts so that operating expenses in the new budget don’t increase over this year’s level,” he said. “We want to do that for our residents.”

Source: hfchronicle.com/article/flossmoor-will-meet-zero-growth-budget-target


“Government needs to live within its means and cut spending when revenue declines”

Jim Tobin, President of Taxpayers United of America



Since 2004, Olympia Fields annual salaries have increased +178% over the Consumer Price index

comparison to the surrounding communities.


Average annual salaries

                                        2004              2015

Olympia Fields          $40,556        $66,612 

FACT: Since 2004, Total Annual Salaries has increased by +178.62% over Consumer Price Index (CPI) = (inflation)

Source:Village of Olympia Fields


Flossmoor                  $42,864        $52,434

FACT: Since 2004, Total Annual Salaries has increased by +20.97% over Consumer Price Index (CPI) = (inflation)

Source:Village of Flossmoor


Matteson                     $39,825        $45,268

FACT: Since 2004, Total Annual Salaries has decreased by -88.04% over Consumer Price Index (CPI) = (inflation)

Source:Village of Matteson


Pension boost tactic sidesteps laws

to cost taxpayers millions


A Chicago Tribune investigation found that the costly perk of “pension spiking” has thrived despite the General Assembly passing two laws — nearly 50 years apart — that target pension spiking. In some communities, soon-to-be retirees have been relying on a little trick to increase their retirement income. They cash out for severance, unused vacation or sick days, or receive bonuses — yes, bonuses — in the months leading up to their retirements. That way, their overall salary for that final year is bigger, and that's a key factor in calculating the pensions they'll receive for the rest of their lives.

These public servants avoid laws that aim to stop so-called pension spiking by timing those payments just right — near their retirement date but not in the last three months leading up to it. That way, they can get around laws that cap salaries in the final three months of employment — the laws that were designed to stop pension spiking

Government body

Retirees flagged

Extra costs of inflated pensions

Average cost per flagged retiree

Village of Olympia Fields




Search for padded pensions near you (database) The Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund — using metrics from a 2012 law — flags pensions it suspects are spiked. It demands immediate payment from the local agency of the extra costs from the padded pension. You can search for agencies by their names, and sort the columns:

Search for padded pensions near you (database)


2016 Village Employee Raises

Board Meeting Minutes  January 26, 2015

Held on January 26, 2015

Page 4 line 9
Fiscal Year 2016 Budget Process Calendar – Trustee Byrd stated that it is that time of the year again for Budget Processing. The Finance Committee met on January 20th. There is a Memo in the Board Packet regarding what the Finance Committee is working with time wise and what the Committee is suggesting so far as increases. They are suggesting a 2% increase on salaries for non-union employees for the Fiscal Year 2016…

Page 5 line 7
Trustee Oliver stated regarding the 2% increase of salaries for non-union employees is it too early in the process to have any idea of what the increase might be for the Union Employees. Trustee Byrd stated that is 2.5%... 
Chairman Pro Tem Gibson inquired of Trustee Byrd whether or not it is necessary to have a Motion to approve this. Trustee Byrd believes that we might need a Motion. 
Motion by Trustee Oliver, second by Trustee Nale to approve Trustee Byrd’s Budget Process Calendar.
Voice Vote: All Ayes Motion Carried.


Text Box: Board of Trustees
December 14, 2015
Page 3

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Performance Pay Adjustment for Executive Assistant – Establishment of Salary Adjustment Milestone for Completion of Education Requirements and Certificates



Ghost Salary on Village Financial Reports

Discrepancies of our tax dollars

2012 was the first full year that David Mekarski served in the dual capacity as both Village Administrator and the Village Clerk. Although their current budget states otherwise, the Village denies paying any money to the Village Clerk,The Village of Olympia Fields Annual Financial Reports and 2015 Budget Expense Projections-Administration, clearly

Text Box: state that for the past 3 years,  the Village paid money for a "Village Clerk".
Once again, this is not unlike the typical Chicago Style ghost salaries we read about. Where did this money go?
Text Box: 
Village Administrator & Village Clerk
David Mekarski




Text Box: Why does a 2 1/2 square mile bedroom  community require a :
-  $166,281 Village Administrator 
…..with a  $58,651 assistant
-  $119,577 Finance Director
-  $97,000   Assistant  Finance Director
-  $105,512 Building Commissioner
-  $104,649 Public Works Director
-  $111,956 Park District Director
-  $63,000+ Towing Clerk (Double Dipper, does not                 
                            Include his Olympia Fields pension)

You call this 
“Wise Fiscal Management”


Denise Will, Olympia Field Park District another member of the “$100,000 club"

More wasted tax dollars on a park system which has failed to operate within its budget and failed the taxpayers of Olympia Fields.



Olympia Fields Park District

Will Denise M



Olympia Fields Park District

Will Denise M



Olympia Fields Park District

Will Denise M



Olympia Fields Park District

Will Denise M



Olympia Fields Park District

Will Denise M



Olympia Fields Park District

Will Denise M



Olympia Fields Park District

Will Denise M



Olympia Fields Park District

Will Denise M



Olympia Fields Park District

Will Denise M



Olympia Fields Park District

Will Denise M



Olympia Fields Park District

Will Denise M



Suburban legislator pushing for law to prohibit Double Dipping

BGA  May 12, 2015  By Patrick Rehkamp/BGA and Pam zekman/CBS2

A suburban legislator is pushing for a law that would prohibit retired cops throughout Illinois from collecting a police salary and a police pension at the same time.

State Rep. Grant Wehrli (R-Naperville) introduced legislation this year that would stop retired cops from collecting their pensions and going back to work as officers for a different department. Wehrli said he introduced his bill because of a situation in Naperville where a high-ranking police officer retired, started collecting his pension and came back as chief.
Wehrli’s bill passed in the Illinois House and is currently in the Senate where he said it likely will die.

Text Box: “I’m looking at introducing any legislation to get us out of this fiscal mess,” Wehrli said.
"This process of double dipping, it’s a problem that we need to address. Without pension reform the fiscal crisis only gets worse."

Employee       Wage             Job Title                       City                  Vacation    Sick

Les Delya   $63,249.95   Tow Impoundment  Olympia Fields  25days   10days 


Residency requirements popular in south suburbs

Officials say living in village shows commitment

to community

Ed Paesel, executive director of the South Suburban Mayors and Managers Association, said "In a lot of cases, it's good to have employees live in the community that they work in"  "Some communities view it as the employee having a stake in the future." Paesel said

Matthew Fares, chief of staff for Chicago Heights, said "Obviously, it shows a community effort to turn the city around and move the city in a positive direction," South Holland Mayor Don De Graff said he strongly believes that a residency requirement is good for the community."





Olympia Fields Housing Market among worst in suburbs

From February 2014 thru January 2015, Homes SOLD in neighboring communities like Park Forest, Chicago Heights, and Flossmoor are selling faster than Olympia Fields.




Village loses AAA Bond Rating

Olympia Fields bond rating has been downgraded to the ranks of AA status. Get ready for our dysfunctional village board to aggressively seek even more pledged revenue from the overtaxed residents instead of reduce spending.


“Mrs. Housten stated that she should mention that the rating is very important. There is no two-ways about it. Your rating is important. When you start talking about the interest cost that you are going to be paying on your Bonds, you also have to factor in what the Underwriters think about your community. Sometimes a AA will sell at the same interest rate as a AAA. We were not at all happy at our office when the downgrade came in.”

Brenda Housten

Asst. Vice President Speer Financial


 September 23, 2014


Did the Village Board know about  Mekarski’s blemished record at Vero Beach when they hired him?

“The parties mutually agree that they will not utter, transmit or print any negative or disparaging comments regarding the other party concerning the employment of Mr. Mekarski.”

Source: CITY OF VERO BEACH, FLORIDA MAY 17, 2005 7:00 P.M.



Mekarski paid $170,000 severance to leave Vero Beach


Olympia Fields Villager Fall 2005


Tinley Park hires new

Village Administrator




Property Values Plummet

Olympia Fields falls to #134 on list of 2013 top Median Property Values in Chicagoland  






Code enforcement performance has a major impact on property values




Burglary Prevention

Don’t be the next victim

If a criminal breaks into your home while your away, a Monitoring Alarm System and Video Surveillance are the best assets to have. However, there are many things you should be aware of to prevent becoming the next target.



Why was the Jones Gift Higher Priority than Police Dash Cameras?

Why did the Village have to wait for a generous $10,000 private donation from Rose Paving to purchase 2 police dash cameras ? Dash cameras are not new technology and have been in use by Police Depts. nationwide for years. Even small farm towns like Manteno,IL utilize dash cameras in daily routines.




Home Rule always means higher taxes. Why else would village bureaucrats seek to strip your right to vote!




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